Kentucky Lands First Top Prize, $1,000 A Day FOR LIFE Win!

May 2, 2017- The Blue Grass state of Kentucky has the Derby this Saturday, but they have another cause for celebration. Kentucky had their very first Top Prize, $1,000 a day FOR LIFE winner in Last evening’s Lucky for Life® drawing on May 1, 2017!

The winning numbers were: 3-13-23-44-48 LB-11

According to Kentucky Lottery officials, the winning ticket sold at a Kentucky Lottery retailer in Powell County, located in Eastern KY. “There will be a series of security measures that will be taken first thing in the morning by our staff at the retailer where the ticket was sold,” said the Lottery’s Sr. Vice President of Communications Chip Polston. “Once that security operation is complete, we will be able to release the location of the retailer.”

The player has 180 days from tonight’s draw to claim their prize, and must present their winning ticket at Kentucky Lottery headquarters located on Main Street in Louisville.

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