New Lucky for Life draw game has touched the lives of MILLIONS of winners

On more than a million occasions, luck has touched the lives of those who have played and won prizes in the new “Lucky for Life” lottery draw game played across the country.  Maybe you’re one of them!  With the variety of luck to be had playing Lucky for Life, here are just a few ways luck has visited the first 1,252,653 winners in the game:

Patrick Malone of Massachusetts got a big dose of “Big Luck” by celebrating his 28th birthday with a $25,000 a year for life win in the game.  Malone’s prize payout is guaranteed at $500,000 for 20 years, but could easily be more than $1,000,000 for collecting payments annually for 40 years or more.

Debbie Hanson of Missouri and Sharon Silva of Idaho both experienced “Beginner’s Luck” with the purchase of their very first Lucky for Life tickets—each won $5,000 prizes.  Another 65 other players have won $5,000 in Arkansas, Connecticut, Delaware, D.C., Idaho, Massachusetts, Maine, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana, Rhode Island and South Carolina.

A “Little Bit of Luck” can go a long way—especially when the number of Lucky for Life $3 to $200 wins totals up to over $6.4 million in prizes.  Now that’s lucky!

Of the 15 participating Lucky for Life lotteries, “A Whole Lot ‘O Luck” has been felt by those who play in Michigan and Massachusetts.  More than 33% of the winning tickets sold to date have come from these two states!

The “Luck of the Draw” was really felt on February 26, when a total of 116,652 winning tickets were sold for that date—including Lucky’s latest $25,000 a year for life winners, Mary Ann and Steve Rice of Montana.  Could you be next?

“The response to the new Lucky for Life game has been exciting and overwhelmingly positive,” said Anne M. Noble, lead director for the game and President/CEO of the CT Lottery.  “In eleven drawings held to date, Lucky has already changed the lives of five ‘$25,000 a year for life’ second prize winners in four states.  It’s only a matter of time, and a little bit of luck, before we will be celebrating that first Lucky ‘$1,000 a day for life’ top prize winner.  We are all really looking forward to that.”