New England’s “Lifetime” Lottery game, Lucky for Life, expanded on Tuesday, January 27, 2015 to offer customers more prizes, more winners and more luck!  The “new” Lucky for Life game features larger prize amounts and improved odds.  Six of the ten individual prize levels now have better odds and seven of the ten cash prizes are bigger!  The third prize, for example, increased from $3,000 to $5,000, and winning that prize level offers better chances.


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When you play Lucky for Life, luck seems to find you. And this is a different kind of luck – it lasts a LIFETIME.  Lucky for Life isn’t like other lottery games. If you win one of the top two prizes, they stick around as long as you’re around. You can buy tickets behind the counter, in gas stations, grocery stores, corner markets … everywhere you are.

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Lucky for Life, New England’s Game

Lucky for Life, New England’s Game, officially ended on January 26, 2015.

Winning Numbers

Winning numbers prior to January 27, 2015 can be accessed from our Winning Numbers Search page.

Game Rules

For game rules, including prize claiming periods, please contact your local lottery:

Prize Options

The minimum payment period for the top and second prizes is 20 years. Both have the choice of a Cash Option as an alternative to the Annuitized Payment option, as described in the table below. Prizes that are governed by “split-prize” liability are divided equally among the winning tickets and may be less than shown.

Winners Annuitized Payment Option Cash Option
1 $1,000 a day for life $5,750,000.00
2-14 $1,000 a day for life* $5,750,000.00*
15 or more (No annuitized payment option) $7,125,000.00*


Winners Annuitized Payment Option Cash Option
1-20 $25,000 a year for life $390,000.00
21 or more (No annuitized payment option) $9,400,000.00*

*Divided by the number of winners