Man Gets Lucky With $5,000 Quick Pick Ticket

Lucky for Life Winner Cover

A Lee’s Summit man noticed the advertisement for the new Missouri Lottery game while checking out at Price Chopper and decided to take a chance. He purchased a Quick Pick Lucky for Life ticket and won on his third try. Richard Hillman, 69, said he usually only plays when the jackpots get big.

“Powerball, Mega Millions – when they get to $200 million, I play them,” began Hillman.

Even though he’s approaching retirement age, the idea of a prize that pays for a lifetime appealed to Hillman. Lucky for Life offers a top prize of $1,000 a day for life.

“It sounded like a decent prize,” he said.

Although he didn’t win a lifetime prize, Hillman was thrilled with his first big Lottery win. He returned to Price Chopper, 937 NE Woods Chapel Road in Lee’s Summit, and scanned his ticket at Check-A-Ticket machine. When the clerk told him he had to claim the prize at the Kansas City Lottery office, he didn’t waste any time.

“I’ve got ice cream in the car, so we need to move this along,” he joked.

Hillman first teased that he planned to hide the money from his wife, Lois. Then he suggested using the money to buy her hearing aids. Finally, he admitted that they money would probably be used to pay down debt.

“Just get lucky,” he suggested for other players.