Lucky for Life™ winners keep rolling in!

Montana Lucky for Life Winner Smith

Darlene Smith of Helena is the fourth person to win $5,000 from The Montana Lottery’s newest game, Lucky for Life™ since it went on sale January 27, 2015. Darlene purchased her ticket for the March 26 drawing at Albertsons, 3151 N. Montana Ave.; Helena and she wasted no time coming to claim her prize.

Darlene called Lottery headquarters this morning to listen to the recording of the winning numbers and found out she had matched four numbers and the Lucky Ball. Unsure of how much that combination of numbers was worth, she stopped by Lottery headquarters to check her ticket. When she found out her ticket was worth $5,000 she was in total shock.

Darlene is a retired VA employee and her husband is retired military. Darlene stated “she doesn’t play Lottery often but on a whim decided to buy some Lucky for Life tickets.” However, the couple is not new to winning it big. Darlene’s husband won $250,000 playing a Lotto game several years ago.

Darlene stated that “she is planning on tucking away her winnings until she can think of something fun she would like to buy or a fun trip she would like to take.”