Large Family Gets a $25,000 a Year For Life Surprise

When Dale Smith stopped by the grocery, he was told he should “Head home and check his ticket”, because the grocery knew they’d sold a winning ticket, and Dale’s just one of a couple who play Lucky For Life in Winifred. Dale calls his wife and says “Check it out, we may have won $5,000.” She checks a little deeper, and says “You’d better come home.” Once Dale saw the numbers and the prize, he called his daughters and they planned a trip to Montana Lottery headquarters in Helena to collect their prize.

Once in town, the family decided to take the prize as a lump sum, which came to over $390,000. Dale told us his wife and daughters spent the whole trip planning how to spend the money, and shopping for cars. When asked if they were going to stay and celebrate in Helena, the Smith’s said no, they needed to get home to have a party with their four brothers.