Believe Your Eyes with This $25,000 a Year, FOR LIFE Surprise

Donovan Yaldo, of Commerce Township, MI checked his Lucky for Life ticket 10 times before he finally believed his eyes:  He had won $25,000 a year for life.

Yaldo said he still was struggling to believe that he was a big winner, eveWinning Ticketn as he was collecting his prize at Lottery headquarters in Lansing.  “I’m still waiting for the reality to sink in,” he said. He added that he didn’t have any immediate plans for his windfall immediately, but knew the money would allow him to live more comfortably.

Yaldo, 31, choose to receive his prize as a one-time lump sum cash payment of $390,000. He could have chosen payments of $25,000 annually for
20 years or for life, whichever is greater.

Winning Surprised This Woman, So Did The Prize Amount

Antoinette Kudelchuk from Jewett City, CT didn’t let grass grow under her feet waiting to claim her fabulous once in a lifetime lottery prize.

The day after the Thursday, September 3rd Lucky for Life drawing, Antoinette arrived at Lottery headquarters in Rocky Hill with a “Lucky” prize winning ticket. She had missed the Lucky ball number, 14, but matched the first five numbers drawn, 25-39-46-47-48. Of the 11,551 winning Lucky for Life tickets sold in Connecticut for that date, Antoinette’s ticket was the only one that contained a five number match for the game’s second highest prize—$25,000 a year for life.

“When the clerk scanned my ticket with the lottery terminal he said, ‘You won second prize.’ I said, ‘What’s that? A thousand dollars?’ He said, ‘No, you won $25,000 a year for life.’ I almost had a total heart attack right there,” said Antoinette with a laugh.

Antoinette chose to claim her $25,000 a year for life second prize in a one-time cash lump-sum of $390,000 (value before taxes). “I know exactly what I’m going to do with the money—pay my bills!”

Large Family Gets a $25,000 a Year For Life Surprise

When Dale Smith stopped by the grocery, he was told he should “Head home and check his ticket”, because the grocery knew they’d sold a winning ticket, and Dale’s just one of a couple who play Lucky For Life in Winifred. Dale calls his wife and says “Check it out, we may have won $5,000.” She checks a little deeper, and says “You’d better come home.” Once Dale saw the numbers and the prize, he called his daughters and they planned a trip to Montana Lottery headquarters in Helena to collect their prize.

Once in town, the family decided to take the prize as a lump sum, which came to over $390,000. Dale told us his wife and daughters spent the whole trip planning how to spend the money, and shopping for cars. When asked if they were going to stay and celebrate in Helena, the Smith’s said no, they needed to get home to have a party with their four brothers.

Veteran Wins $25,000 a Year for Life Playing Lucky For Life

A Michigan man doesn’t plan to let winning a life changing amount of money change the way he lives his life.

David Middaugh won $25,000 a year for life playing the Michigan Lottery’s Lucky For Life game. He bought his winning ticket at the Family Fare, located at 103 North M66 in Charlevoix. He matched the five white balls drawn Thursday night – 29-33-36-47-48 – to win the big prize.

Middaugh choose to receive his prize as a one-time lump sum cash payment of $390,000. He could have chosen payments of $25,000 annually for 20 years or for life, whichever is greater.

“I heard a rumor that someone in Charlevoix had won, but had no idea I was the winner,” said Middaugh. “I checked my ticket Friday morning but wasn’t sure I was seeindavid middaugh charlevoix countyg things right. I took my ticket back to the Family Fare and had it scanned. When I got a printout to call the Lottery office, that’s when I knew I had won.”

The 50-year-old Navy veteran, went home to tell his wife the good news.

“It took a little convincing before my wife believed me,” said Middaugh. “She thought I was joking with her, but once she believed me she was in shock, too.

“The next thing I did was call my mother to tell her about my big win,” said Middaugh. “She is on a fixed income and I told her not worry about her finances anymore.”

In addition to taking care of his mother, Middaugh plans to pay some bills and finally take a long-overdue vacation with his wife.

“My wife and I haven’t been on a vacation in a really long time, so I’m really looking forward to taking her somewhere nice,” said Middaugh. “Whatever is left, will go into the bank.

“As a disabled Navy veteran, this money will really come in handy. My wife and I are quiet people who enjoy spending time with our family. We’ll continue to live our lives that way, but we’ll be more comfortable financially,” Middaugh said.

House-Hunting Begins For Lucky 2nd Prize Winner

When it comes to playing the lottery, Sandalio “Leo” Garza of Shakopee has always said, “You can’t win if you don’t play.”

Putting his motto to work, Garza has been playing the Lottery’s multi-state jackpot games on a weekly basis, including the newest game, Lucky for Life, since it made its debut in Minnesota in January.

On July 9, Garza’s Lucky for Life quick-pick ticket matched the first five numbers drawn to win the second prize of $25,000 a year for life. “I couldn’t believe it,” he recalled when he discovered his win on July 13. “I had to keep checking my ticket to make sure it was real.”

When Garza arrived at Minnesota Lottery headquarters on July 17 to claim his prize, deciding between the $25,000 a year for life annuity option (minimum 20 year payout) and the $390,000 cash option was an easy choice. “I’d rather have my money up front,” he explained. “You just don’t know what the future holds.”

The lump sum will allow Garza to fulfill his dream of becoming a homeowner. Garza says he plans to start the house hunting process immediately, saying, “I’m sick of renting—I’m just throwing away my money.” Garza also plans to use some of his winnings to fix up his truck so he can trade it in for a newer one.

A Vacation Worth $25,000 a Year for Life!

It took a visit to Michigan for a Las Vegas woman to finally win big. Patricia Kraydich traveled to Michigan to visit newborn twin grandchildren and will head home with plenty of memories and a big stack of cash after winning $25,000 a year for life playing Lucky For Life.

Kraydich matched the five white balls drawn on June 18 – 04-12-24-42-43 – to win the $25,000 a year for life prize. She bought her winning ticket at the 7-Eleven, located at 16761 21 Mile Road in Macomb.

A Michigan native, Kraydich was visiting her daughter and her recently born babies.

“We were headed home and stopped at the 7-Eleven so I could get some money from the ATM and buy a couple of Lottery instant tickets,” said Kraydich. “After buying the instant tickets, I had $5 left and asked the clerk what games were being drawn that day. She recommended Lucky For Life, so I bought two easy picks.”

After spending an evening with family, the Lucky For Life tickets were all but forgotten.

“As I was getting ready for bed, I saw the ticket on the dresser out of the corner of my eye so I checked it on my phone,” said Kraydich. “I was stunned to see I had matched four numbers and ran to tell my daughter.

“She didn’t believe me and wanted to see the ticket for herself. That’s when we realized I had actually matched five numbers to win $25,000 a year for life!”

Winning TicketKraydich called her husband to share the good news and spent the night celebrating with her daughter. For safekeeping, she taped the winning ticket underneath a closet shelf until she made the trip to Lottery headquarters to claim her big prize on Monday.

Kraydich choose to receive her prize as a one-time lump sum cash payment of $390,000. She could have chosen payments of $25,000 annually for 20 years or for life, whichever is greater.

“This is such a life changing thing for me and my husband, it’s like winning a house” said Kraydich. “We work so hard to make ends meet, and this money is going to go a long way in helping to ease the financial pressure we feel every day.”

In addition to purchasing a home, Kraydich and her husband plan to make a donation to the Ronald McDonald House in Ann Arbor.

Michigan players have won nearly $5.6 million so far playing Lucky For Life, including four $25,000 a year for life

For just $2 per play, Lucky For Life gives Lottery players a chance to win prizes ranging from $3 to a lifetime of cash. To win the game’s top prize of $1,000 a day for life, players must match all five winning numbers ranging from 1 to 48, plus one Lucky Ball ranging from 1 to 18. Players who match all five winning numbers, but not the Lucky Ball, will win $25,000 a year for life. Lucky For Life drawings take place every Monday and Thursday at 10:35 p.m.

A Morning Good Morning To Win

For the last three weeks, Ron Slossar has been playing his own set of Lucky for Life numbers.  Returning from out of town last night, he stopped to make sure he bought a ticket for last night’s Lucky for Life drawing.  When he checked this morning in a ticket checker he found out he was a $5,000 winner.  “I went to another store and checked the ticket again just to make sure.  I was pretty excited.”   The prize money is going right in the bank.  “I’m going to keep playing these numbers…maybe I’ll be back!”

A Day Off Turns Into “Luck that Lasts a Lifetime”

The Montana Lottery’s newest game, Lucky for Life™, has yet another $25,000 a year for life winner.  Iva Johnston of Missoula came to Lottery headquarters today to claim her $25,000 a year for life prize with a ticket they purchased at Ole’s, 3705 Highway 200 East; Missoula.

Iva took the day off of work to come claim her prize. As Lucky for Life™ has only been a part of the Montana Lottery’s lineup for five months, she is the second person in the state to win $25,000 a year for life and the 21st person to win this prize level since the game started nationwide.

Lucky for Life is the newest draw game product introduced by the Montana Lottery since Mega Millions was introduced in 2010. Lucky for Life boasts a top prize of $1,000 a day for life, payable as an annuity or lump sum and a secondary prize of $25,000 a year for life, payable as an annuity or lump sum. The Montana Lottery has paid out 12 $5,000 prizes as well as two $25,000 a year for life prizes so far!

A $5,006 Lucky For Life™ Prize?

With two Montana winners from this week’s draw, Lucky For Life™ is on fire! Robert Holian of Lolo is one of the lucky winners. He came in to Lottery headquarters today to claim a $5,006 Lucky for Life prize from the June 15 drawing, with a ticket purchased at the Lolo Super Stop, 100 12011 Highway 93 South; Lolo.

When Robert realized he won, he immediately had to double check his ticket. The numbers he had chosen, however, proved to be lucky. “I chose my numbers based on my kids’ ages,” he shared with us, “and it worked out.”

Robert plans to use his winnings to buy a van with a built-in television for his kids.

A Graduation Surprise: $25,000 a Year for Life

An O’Fallon, MO woman has peace of mind after winning the second prize in the Missouri Lottery’s Lucky for Life™ game. Stephanie Williams, 42, said she has been playing the game since it began in January. She matched five winning numbers in the June 4 drawing to win the $25,000-a-year-for-life prize. Williams choose the annuity, which will pay her as long as she lives.

She thought she only won $25,000 at first.

“I checked it, and it said $25,000,” began Williams. “I checked it three times. I quickly left the store, so I wouldn’t make a scene. I went to the car, and I screamed, and I called my husband.”

Her husband, Ron, didn’t believe her. She later called Lottery headquarters to confirm her win. That’s when she found out it was $25,000 a year for life.

“I said, ‘WHAT?’ I almost dropped the phone. I could not believe it,” she recalled.

Williams just finished her master’s degree and explained that she would continue to work.

“I am going to keep working. It’s just a blessing,” she said. “We want to go to Hawaii. We’ll pay off bills, and just enjoy it a little bit. It’s just nice to know that money will be coming every year.”

She purchased the winning Quick Pick ticket at Country Club Car Wash, 2999 Highway K in O’Fallon, MO. The retail location received a $250 bonus for selling the winning ticket. The winning numbers for June 4 were:  15, 21, 32, 37 and 39.

Williams credits her dedication with the win and counseled others to play.

“I never thought I would win, but you can’t win if you don’t play,” she said.