Birthdays, Special Events Lead To Lucky Numbers And A For Life Winner

Luck is in the air in Connecticut! Aaron Distazio is the second Enfield resident in a row to claim the CT Lottery’s Lucky for Life draw game’s second prize worth $25,000 a year for life! Enfield’s last Lucky second prize winner to step forward, Walter Jekot, claimed his “For Life” prize for the October 19th drawing. Both winners purchased their winning tickets where else, but in Enfield, of course!

The winning Lucky for Life numbers drawn on March 28, 2016 were 12-21-25-30-40 and Lucky Ball 5. Distazio’s ticket, containing numbers based on family birthdays and special events, matched the first five numbers drawn, but missed the Lucky Ball number. In Connecticut alone, there was a total of 13,530 lucky winners on that date with prizes ranging from $3 to “$25,000 a year for life” state-wide.

If the annuity prize option is chosen, the minimum guaranteed amount Lucky for Life second prize winners could receive is $500,000 ($25,000 a year for 20 years), but those who live longer than that receive prize payments for the remainder of their natural life. Second prize winners also have the option to claim their prize in a one-time cash lump sum of $390,000.

Distazio presented his winning ticket last Friday at Lottery headquarters in Rocky Hill, and opted for the game’s cash lump sum prize of $390,000 (value before taxes). Vimla Agera, owner of Tony’s Little Store at 1436 Enfield Street where Distazio’s ticket was purchased, was especially touched by the winner’s good fortune. “We’ve been selling lottery for over 20 years; people say this is a lucky store. A lot of people come here to buy their tickets,” said Agera. “I wish for him much success, and I’m really very happy for him.” Tony’s Little Store will receive a $2,500 bonus check from the CT Lottery for selling a $25,000 year for life prize winning ticket.