Lucky Penny Leads To $1,000 A Day For Life Prize!

David Jordan, 54, of Quincy, Kentucky, is feeling lucky after winning $1,000 a day for life with Lucky For Life®!  He matched the first five numbers and the Lucky Ball number to win the game’s top prize.

David plays Lucky For Life® on a regular basis and often stops at Super Quick #13 in Garrison, KY to buy his tickets.  On August 17, 2017, on his way into the store, David noticed a penny sitting heads up on the ground.  He picked it up, putting it in his pocket hoping it might bring him some good luck. David bought one $2 ticket and chose to let the lottery terminal pick his numbers (quick pick). On August 18, David stopped off at a different store to have his ticket checked.  “Cathy (the retailer) scanned it and said, ‘Oh my god David, you’ve hit the big one.’  I was like, really, really?” I was in disbelief,” he told lottery officials.

Next, David called his brother, Mark Jordan, to ask if he could drive him to Louisville.  At first he told him no, but he when offered to buy him a new tractor Mark quickly changed his mind. David works for Tram Construction as a line worker and was supposed to work today, but called his boss and was given the day off once he shared the good news. David opted to take the cash option prize instead of the annuity payout.  He will receive $5,750,000 before taxes.  The first thing he plans to do is buy his daughter a new home, and he said he would also like to by himself a new home in the near future.

The Super Quick will receive a bonus of $73,000 for selling the winning ticket.